There are 30 stations using the NCCO technology to deodorize in Mass Transit Railway of Hong Kong

There are 30 stations using the NCCO technology to deodorize in Mass Transit Railway of Hong Kong

Where is the most crowded place in Hong Kong? The subway station should be crossed your mind. As the saying, people have nature calls, the public toilets in the subway station you must have used it. In public toilets with such a large human traffic, the sanitary condition is also an issue. The filth, and the stench, odor would appear in the subway station hall from time to time. So that the impact is not good, merchant in the hall often complain about this problem.

Dr. Zhan Jiahui, who’s from Department of Chemistry of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, studied air purification technology. After leaving the laboratory, she traveled to the dirtiest places in the city, subway station toilets, sewage treatment plants, shark fin processing plants. She fears of insects, but when she at work, she overcomes her fear, get into the root of the stench, find out the deodorization solution, NCCO’s national patent research technology can be popularized was her only purpose. Later, she joined RHT International Limited to promote this technology for the benefit of people. She was pointing out the direction for graduates after their graduation: ‘Planning ahead, start from your own interest’.

Start the journey to look for ‘stink’

In the early days, Dr. Zhan mostly did experiments and wrote reports in the company’s lab, but she gradually found that sales staff had difficulties in explaining to customers, because lack of scientific knowledge. She implemented the spirit of gossip, followed the sales staff to visit the deodorant site, and explain the purification technology to the guests.

In the past 7 years, Dr. Zhan visited countless places with extreme bad smell. The most profound is a sewage treatment station in Luohu. She inspected the canal and the wind room to understand the direction of the air circulation. “Open the door, oh! So many mosquitoes, flies are all over the walls, it was very horrifying”. She also visited the Hong Kong shark fin processing factory. The factory was complained about the odor, the ammonia water (Ammonia water) used for bleaching shark fins emits the smell of “urinary smell”. She finally designed a suitable solution for the factory to solve the stench. However, after this case, she no longer eats shark fins, but also advises her friends not to eat. “I have seen a lot of news that, eating shark fins is not environmentally friendly, but when I saw a pile of shark fins on the ground, can’t imagine how many sharks died.The shock cannot be described in words”.

Dr. Zhan Jiahui said that, private companies use two ways to solve the stench: increase ventilation and turn up the air conditioner. Because low temperature will reduce the sensitivity of human’s olfactory, so that many shopping mall toilets are freezing all year round, but the electricity consumption is huge, and basic problem has not been resolved.

NCCO technology uses nanomaterials to make the filter, which can increase the deodorizing function, which is durable, deodorizing and saving energy.

In recent years, RHT International Limited has successively undertaken toilet air purification projects at several MTR stations, such as Mong Kok, Prince Edward and the toilets at various stations along the East Rail Line. NCCO Air Purification Technology have also been installed in the toilets at the Tonghu Port of Luohu. Nowadays, the MTR has used the equipment in 30 stations, which has greatly improved the environment of the MTR. There are fewer and fewer complaints about toilet odors. In the past, shops that were close to the toilets were rented out successfully, it also has greatly improved the business environment of the MTR.

Nowadays, NCCO Air Purification Technology has given the same effect to B-MOLA household purifier. Household products can not only remove formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, but also have good removal effect on odor, besides the smell of hot pot, toilet, sweat, etc., they all can be removed when the product is operating. So this “deodorant magic” is very popular among Hong Kong citizens, and it has been so popular when its coming to the mainland.


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