Air purifier and the fresh air system, only need one of them

Air purifier and the fresh air system, only need one of them

Fresh air systems and air purifiers are used in a wide range of fields, including household. Then in household, do users only have to choose one option from air purifier and the fresh air system? When it comes to remove decorating pollution, formaldehyde, TVOC, smog, and deodorizing,etc.

In order to solve these problems, you still need a basic understanding before you can find the answer. At present, there is still a big difference between the air purifier and the fresh air system.

The fresh air system is literally easy to understand. The main function of the fresh air system is to exchange indoor and outdoor air, the outdoor air is lead into the room, and the indoor turbid air is discharged to the outside. Under the premise of not opening the window, the indoor and outdoor air circulation is operating, the indoor air is replaced, and the indoor carbon dioxide and harmful gases are discharged to outside. However, most fresh air systems currently in the market, they do not have the function of purifying harmful gas, when leading outdoor air into the room. They simply filter particulate matter, and the smog is not just particulate matter, but also harmful gas.

The air purifier can effectively deal with particulate matter pollution, which is the PM2.5 as we known. There is a lot of particulate pollution in the place where the haze is serious. Besides purifying PM2.5, the air purifier can also sterilize, and remove formaldehyde, odor, allergens and TVOC and other pollutants.

After analyzing the basics of fresh air system and the air purifier, these two can’t be replaced by each other. Considering the cost, purchase both of them is a choice, or you can buy one of them as needed. If the outdoor air pollution is serious, it is recommended to use both the fresh air system and the air purifier.

Is it cost high if buying both of the fresh air system and the air purifier? Is there a fresh air system with air purifier function? The answer is yes. The NCCO air treatment system is the best in the field, it can carry out indoor and outdoor air circulation, purify indoor formaldehyde, deodorize, and remove pollutants such as PM2.5 and TVOC.


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