Risking life to take the subway in London, but the MTR found a good solution

Risking life to take the subway in London, but the MTR found a good solution

The China News on 14th January stated that, according to foreign media reports, recently conducted by the Transport for London commissioned research institutes show that the air pollution situation of the London Underground is very serious, the average air pollution level of the underground station is equivalent to 30 times of air pollution on the street.

The London Underground is the oldest metro in the world, some parts in its 11 routes and 270 stops were built in 1863. The report pointed out that, this may be the cause of high pollution, because part of tunnels in the system are ‘in deep of underground and poorly ventilated’.

According to the report, the density of PM2.5 particles in the underground station, that can penetrate into blood vessels is as high as 492. In contrast, Scottish village average index is 3, and the index on London’s busy road is 16. The World Health Organization recommends a safety level is less than 25 per day.

It has been scientifically confirmed that, in China the PM2.5 value of the underground station is many times higher than the ground. The main source are soot particles generated by the impact of the wheel and the rail and the carbon dioxide exhaled by the passengers. The main solution to the problem that, PM2.5 exceeds the standard for the underground with large flow of people,is to increase the fresh air volume, and also can cooperate with the efficient internal circulation air treatment system to assist in purifying the air, besides complementing each other, also can save energy.

The Hong Kong MTR has found a good way to solve this problem. It is well known that the Hong Kong MTR is one of the largest underground in the country. Apart from the local citizens, there are also a large number of tourists  are accustomed to travel with the underground, air quality is a big problem. In particular, a large number of people using toilets would cause odor problems, and the odor would directly spread into lobby and outside shops, which would seriously affect the commercial operation of the underground station and the experience of passengers.

Hong Kong MTR has looked for a solution, finally they find a very suitable air treatment system – NCCO Air Treatment System, which is derived from the invention patent of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. There are two traditional deodorization methods for underground station toilets. One is to increase the exhaust volume, and the other is to turn up the air conditioner. However, these two methods can not actually solve the problems, and the energy consumption is huge. NCCO technology uses the nano material as the filter, which can increase the deodorizing function, is durable, and can deodorize and save electricity.

If deodorization is a function of the NCCO Air Treatment System, it is underestimated, deodorization is only an additive effect, it is mainly used to remove volatile organic compounds (TVOC) in the air and to remove airborne particulate matter (PM2. 5), sterilization, etc. For example, formaldehyde and benzene in the decoration are all high-risk volatile pollutant gas, and the odor of the toilet is mainly ammonia gas and hydrogen sulfide. After being treated by NCCO, these substance can be discharged into harmless substances such as water molecules and carbon dioxide, and as for the filter, it can be recycled and help to save energy.

Yellow circles are the MTR stations that installed the NCCO Air Treatment System.

MTR station toilet with NCCO Air Treatment System

NCCO Air Purification Technology have installed into the toilets in over 30 MTR stations, which has greatly improved the environment of the MTR. There are fewer and fewer complaints about toilet odors. Those shops that were difficult to rent out, now days they have rented out successfully, it also has greatly improved the commercial operation of the underground station and the experience of passengers.

Compared to the London Underground, which has a history of hundreds of years, the MTR is really more advanced. It is believed that, NCCO technology will eventually become popular as the rise of China’s manufacturing industry is increasingly valued by the world.

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