Excellent news! NCCO technology won the German TÜV certificate and reached an important strategic cooperation with the Mia!

Excellent news! NCCO technology won the German TÜV certificate and reached an important strategic cooperation with the Mia!

On August 23, TÜV Rheinland issued the China Mark certificate for domestic air purifiers (currently no second one in China). After a series of safety tests and reviews by TÜV Rheinland experts, b-MOLA air purifiers comply with TÜV. Rhein China Mark product quality standards, obtained TÜV Rheinland certificate in this field.

TÜV in Germany is a large and ancient TÜV testing agency in the world, it is  widely accepted in Germany and Europe. After the product has passed the certification, TÜV of Germany will refer to the rectifier machine factory of qualified component suppliers to recommend these products; in the whole machine certification process, all components that have obtained the TÜV mark can be exempted from inspection.

The Mia Baby’s e-commerce brand “MAMA SELECTION” select global quality products of maternal and child , has achieved cooperation with B-MOLA air purifiers for the benefit of Chinese families of maternal and child.

Mr. Frank Holzmann, Global Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of TÜV Rheinland Product Services Group, said in his speech:

‘TÜV Rheinland is proud to be the partner of the quality control of the Mia Baby  e-commerce platform. We are willing to work hard with the brand owners who always pursue excellence, and we are very touched by the high quality of the Mama Selection. Chinese e-commerce brands need more quality-conscious leaders, to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry’.

B-MOLA air purifier under Mama Selection has got China Mark certificate from the TÜV Rheinland. It adopts the patented new NCCO Air Purification Technology of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The technology adopts the current bust solution for air purification technology in the market, sterilizing and deodorizing, decomposing formaldehyde and other pollutants. From the perspective of cost, the reaction layer of NCCO technology is recyclable, and there is no saturation or secondary pollution, avoid problems that high cost of frequent replacement of the filter element.

TÜV Rheinland China Mark Certificate is an authoritative endorsement of “Made in China”.

In the safety test, TÜV Rheinland engineers conducted a rigorous test comparison of various data indicators according to the national standard and the German DIN standard, and excluded risks that may occur during usage. It is finally confirmed that, all safety indicators meet the requirements, and it’s officially awarded the TÜV Rheinland Air Purifier China Mark certificate.

China Mark is the main target of TÜV Rheinland in the Chinese market, with the aim of enhancing domestic brand awareness and pursuing excellence. Help consumers identify high quality, high performance of products in the domestic market.

Through this cooperation with the Mia Baby and the German TÜV, RHT International Limited has created a strategic plan for the implementation of the national “Made in China 2025”, creating a strong country in manufacturing, and adhered to the principle of “innovation-driven, quality first, sustainable development”, to create more High-quality products meet the needs of consumers with increasing quality of their life, and the indoor air indicators are at the same level as developed countries such as Europe, the United States, and Japan to ensure the health of mothers and children.

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