Hong Kong’s top three selling product air purifier b-MOLA is about to land in Walmart

Hong Kong’s top three selling product air purifier b-MOLA is about to land in Walmart

People who have been to Hong Kong will be obsessed with the impression of blue sky, white clouds and fresh air. Compared with Hong Kong, many areas of the mainland are still plagued by environmental problems such as smog.

Why do Hong Kong citizens still need air purifiers? Gallup has investigated the subjective feelings of residents in 160 countries and regions around the world. Among the Hong Kong people’s surveys, it’s quite surprising, the result shows: only 33% of people are satisfied with air quality, and those who are dissatisfied are as high as 65%. Hong Kong people think that, the poor air quality is mainly due to automobile exhaust, thermal power generation and air pollutants from the industrial area of the Pearl River Delta.

Hong Kong’s average living space is only 15 square meters, and indoor air is difficult to circulate.

Hong Kong is an international city with population of more than 8 million. Its area is slightly larger than one-sixth of Shanghai’s, and its population density ranks third in the world. It undertakes people from home and abroad every day, so the pollutants trapped in such dense air are also very dense; 80% of Hong Kong families live in a house less than 70 square meters, and the average living area is only 15 square meters, size of the house determines the indoor ventilation capacity, so indoor air pollution is easy to gather, and common pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene accumulate indoors, which is easy to cause disease.

In Hong Kong’s public places, people with masks can be seen everywhere. Therefore, Hong Kong people are extremely eager for clean and fresh air. Every family has the willing to purchase air purifiers.

Why is the b-MOLA air purifier so popular in Hong Kong?

There are many international big brands in Hong Kong, such as Philips and Panasonic, most of the technologies are using activated carbon, negative ions, photocatalyst and other technologies, but these technologies have certain purification effects, the side effects of the technology are not negligible. Take activated carbon as an example, its adsorption is easy to saturate, and it is easy to release the pollutes back into the air after saturation, which would cause secondary pollution. And the secondary pollution occurs especially in humid or hot environments. As for the cost, an activated carbon filter needs to be replaced every 3-6 months. In a few years, you can buy several more air purifiers with that money.

The NCCO Air Purification Technology adopted by b-MOLA Air Purifier is a recyclable technology, which is developed by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and it has applied for multiple countries invention patents as well. This technology can decompose harmful substances into water and carbon dioxide, thus emptied the nanopores in the filter, and the cycle runs repeatedly, so the NCCO filter does not have the problem of saturation, and it does not need to be replaced for 12 years, which greatly saves the cost for consumers.

This is why the b-MOLA air purifier is so popular in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s top three air purifier brand b-MOLA will enter Walmart.

At present, b-MOLA air purifier has reached a cooperation with Wal-Mart, and it is expected to land in Shenzhen Nanshan Shekou Walmart on September 10th, which will be the first store to enter the mainland chain supermarket, thus opening the market in offline store. Marketing department of b-MOLA air purifier states that: ‘The shopping environment in mainland and Hong Kong is different, so get on both of online and offline is needed, online channels such as Jingdong and Tmall have already launched, this time, Walmart’s presence will cooperate with the online store, to make customer experience better, and also use information technology, it can help customers to get more quality services by scanning the product’s code’.

The intuitive experience and on-site experiment can let consumers experience the purification effect. With the b-MOLA air purifier launches into Walmart, more people can see it around in the future, it could bring clean and healthy air into families.

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