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Top school – Hongkong International English Kindergarten

Hongkong International English kindergarten was founded in 1970. The name is St Catherine ‘s International Kindergarten. It is the top three private kindergarten in hundreds of kindergartens in Hong Kong.English international kindergarten to cultivate children as a citizen of the world, a world vision (global vision), the development of confidence and problem-solving ability, pay attention to skills (presentation skill) as a future leader in preparation for the curriculum teaching philosophy: the combination of Chinese and Western cultural characteristics, mandarin cantonese three English Language Teaching, foreign teachers accounted for the main body the teacher-student ratio is 1:8-10;To connect with the foreign educational system, the teaching method of “activity teaching” is adopted. The course is aimed at stimulating students’ interest in self-study, and the course is not heavy.International English kindergartens advocate “happy learning” and guide children to become all-round development.Children who graduated from International English kindergartens are mostly cheerful, confident and fluent in English. If accidents do not happen, they can enter primary schools successfully, which is a powerful guarantee for further education.Therefore, the International English kindergarten has always been a hot topic in the annual report.Despite rising tuition fees, enrolment continues to increase. Young parents living in Hongkong and Shenzhen are proud of their children who have children studying in International English kindergartens.According to the survey, nearly ten thousand of young children apply for International English Kindergarten interviews each year. However, the enrollment rate is only about 7%, and the competition is very fierce.

The health risks of private schools in the famous

Hongkong international English kindergarten has two classrooms, more classrooms and activity room.Kids every day most of the time for the game in the classroom and learning activities..As an elite private school every year for huge amounts of investment in maintenance and building equipment update, strive to provide children with the most advanced teaching facilities.However, even if the purchase is the market known as the environmental protection material, detection in environmental monitoring institutions after the renovation of buildings and new furniture, were all found to have a large number of harmful substances and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) sustained release, some such as formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, xylene and other more carcinogenic risk. Children’s immune ability is low, long-term in a harmful odor environment, serious harm to health and development.

The disadvantages of activated carbon adsorbing air purifier

The school attaches great importance to the problem of air quality in the classroom, and attempts to install several famous brand air purifiers in the school buildings, but the effect is not satisfactory.The reason is: most of the air purifier on the market using activated carbon adsorption model, this model is like a prison, all kinds of impurities in the air trapped in the filter, when the filter adsorption reached saturation when harmful impurities will escape out, the result is reverse emissions cause two pollution of indoor air. Damage to child health The reason is: most of the air purifier on the market using activated carbon adsorption model, this model is like a prison, all kinds of impurities in the air trapped in the filter, when the filter adsorption reached saturation when harmful impurities will escape out, the result is reverse emissions cause two pollution of indoor air. Damage to child health imperceptibly.Therefore, the school hired someone to regularly replace activated carbon filter air purifier, filter replacement cost is extremely high;Moreover, the consumption of wood and the soot and sulfur dioxide produced during the production of activated carbon will aggravate the environmental problems. This is a practice of putting the cart before the horse.To a certain extent, a real win in the starting line is not necessarily a family background, or a academic achievement. It’s the child’s health.

“Air purification black technology” from Hongkong assistance to International English Kindergarten

RHT Industries Limited has mastered an air purification technology called “NCCO”.The technology of air pollution by the Hong Kong University Science & Technology research group published research: to adjust to the air purifier with activated carbon adsorption technology as the core, has successfully overcome the disadvantages of activated carbon technology; NCCO reaction layer can instantly capture and adsorption Jiezhuang pollution gas, through the oxygen generator inside the machine to release oxygen. Under the nano environment of NCCO, the harmful gases can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water by several milliseconds. No harmful substances or ozone residues exist in the treatment process, which will not cause two pollution. There is no need to replace the filter element to maximize the consumption of consumables.After knowing that the Hongkong International English kindergarten is facing the problem of fitment pollution,RHT Industries Limited quickly tailored a complete and effective installation plan for air purifier based on the specific situation and needs of Hongkong International English kindergarten. After installing a full set of NCCO air purifiers in Hongkong International English kindergarten, the school invites third party environmental monitoring agencies to come to the test and test the VOCs concentration in different locations on different days.Before air treatment, the highest concentration of indoor pollutants is 22700 ppbv, the lowest is 18400 ppbv, and the average value is 19918 ppbv. After fourteen days of operation, the concentration of VOCs in International English kindergartens was greatly reduced. The highest concentration of indoor pollutants was 290 ppbv, the lowest was 138 ppbv, with an average value of 193 ppbv. The decrease was 99.03%, which was greatly improved compared with that before air treatment.

NCCO mother and baby air purifier came into being

Nowadays, the problem of air pollution is becoming more and more serious. Air purifier has become an essential appliance for families of modern families, especially families with children.As the weight of the harmful gas is greater than the oxygen, it is mainly concentrated in the lower air, and the low height infant will be a direct victim.The healthy growth of children can not have the slightest mishap, the successful case of RHT Industries Limited in cooperation with the international English kindergarten, also attracted great attention all over the world all ages of children’s parents.

NCCO patent technology R & D team to meet the needs of the market, based on the needs of mothers and infants, we launched a household air purifier that goes beyond the existing market of air purification technology.b-MOLA DMA mother and baby air purifier has intelligent adjustment mode, which can be changed with different seasons, different pollution and different needs;Unique double – wind wheel design and side double outlet design, two sides out of the wind, the purification effect doubles;Dual core evolution processor combined with NCCO patent technology to efficiently decompose formaldehyde and odor.Killing 99% of the bacteria such as Escherichia coli in the air and decomposing 92% ammonia and other harmful gases.12 minutes can allow 20 square meters of indoor air to be new, the purification effect can reach the medical level.At present, this product has been formally entered into the mainland, not only for the health of Hongkong baby, but also for the maintenance of the health of the whole Chinese baby’s breathing.

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